We offer three main product families: traditional, dietetic and organic.

Our fairy cakes and sponges, made according to the original recipe used by our grandmother Amparo, are the foundation of La Granja and their success formed the basis for our subsequent development as a business. They are traditional pastry products which are very popular in our country, so it would not have been easy to stand out unless we offered an exceptional level of quality that you can taste. The fame La Granja has earned as a producer of fine products is our greatest asset, and now the reason why we are extremely demanding in the quality of everything we offer our customers.

La Granja dietetic products meet a range of consumer requirements, whether for reasons of a practical nature or due to preferences in terms of flavour. Thus, for example, La Granja supplies a series of sugar-free products, wholemeal products or those made with spelt flour, etc. In all of them the premise is to assure top quality at all times in both ingredients and preparation so as to achieve our primary goal: enjoying a flavour which is always excellent.

For making all our organic products we only use ingredients from selected crops with which no chemical pesticides or fertilisers have been used. Their status as organic produce is guaranteed by the Catalan Council of Ecological Agricultural Production (CCPAE), the official body responsible for certification. Our organic line includes a range of options to suit preferences on the grounds of taste or for practical reasons, such as wholemeal products or those made with spelt flour.


Among our organic products, we also have appetisers suitable for vegans, which contain no preservatives or colourings. Very light and very crispy, they are a delicious alternative to enjoy at any time and on any occasion, alone of in company.