We at La Granja are guided by values; those of a careful preparation, reflected both in our traditional products and the more innovative ones. Also, those values that remind us of our responsibility towards the physical and human environment around us.

and innovative

Moving forward to respond to the wishes of consumers has made La Granja, a family business founded in 1959, a benchmark for quality and innovation in the food sector. In the 80's, La Granja was a pioneer in creating specialties to meet dietary needs. Later it launched its Bio range, which uses only organically-farmed ingredients. We research new formulations and flavours which result in new lines of products, such as our vegan products.


Values we are
committed to

One of La Granja's enormous successes is having been an efficient instrument for bringing to fruition the desire for social commitment that was born with the company. Very sensitive to the wellbeing and employment integration of all the people of its surrounding area, La Granja today participates in a variety of social organisations, being a very active member locally and having received many awards for this reason.

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Since 1959, La Granja has been committed to offering superior quality. A quality that stands out for the flavour, freshness and nutritional value of its products.

Always quality,
always innovating

Because of our commitment to quality, La Granja insists on supplying only fresh products and this can only be done by baking them daily. We believe there is no sense in selecting the best ingredients if the finished product is not then distributed immediately, as this would affect its quality. Faced with the choice between higher quality or higher productivity, the priority at La Granja is always the interests of our consumers.

While continuing to make the traditional products with which we started out, a constant concern at La Granja has been to always go further and innovate. Observing trends and responding to them has led us to create specialities: from the first wholemeal fairy cakes or products with no added sugar, to offering alternatives with organic ingredients or with fruit and vegetables. These initiatives in the form of good and tasty products have made La Granja a unique and appreciated company, capable of making its way in the European market.