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Our environmental commitment

Initiatives to minimise environmental impact

At La Granja, we consider and implement a full series of changes to implement our environmental commitment in everything we are able.

Some recent examples of our maximum sustainability object are:

Use of fsc certified paper

A feature that identifies all La Granja products is the recycled paper symbol on all our bags. The wood the cardboard is made from is sourced in forests managed to the criteria of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), that certifies these have been obtained by sustainable forestry management, not only in ecological aspects, but also in social and economic ones. Moreover, in the case of recycled cardboard, recycled paper or cardboard fibres are used as raw material.

Use of biodegradable plastic

At La Granja, we have always wanted our consumers to be able to see the product they are going to acquire in transparent bags. Fortunately, we can now make such a valuable feature of environmental respect compatible with the use of biodegradable material that no longer leaves a trace of plastic in the environment.

Use of solar panels

We have implemented an important change in improving environmental sustainability on refurbishing our facilities. The energy required to manufacture all our products is increasingly greener and cleaner thanks to solar panel installation.

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