La Granja is a family company founded in 1959. From the start, preparing products the best way we know and ensuring great taste has been an essential value for us. That was the case with the first traditional specialities that made us known and has continued to be so throughout our history, by continuously including novelties in our range.


Being one step ahead of our consumers’ needs and desires has made us a reference in quality and innovation in our food product sector. In the 80s, La Granja was a pioneer in creating specialities for different nutritional needs, which are now part of our Diet range. Later, we launched the Bio range, which only uses ingredients from ecological agriculture. This was followed by the Vegan range for strict vegan consumption and separate production of the Gluten-Free product range.

In 1954, our grandparents had a grocery store with their small chicken farm, where they sold eggs and all kinds of edible goods to the neighbourhood.

Once the store ran out if its supply of cupcakes, one of its most popular products. Our grandmother decided to bake her own cupcake recipe in her home oven to keep the customers happy. Their enormous success surprised everybody: they sold more and more.

That is how La Granja was formed and we learned something we always have in mind: working hard and doing the best we know to satisfy our customers may only bring good things.

Since 1959, La Granja has striven to offer superior quality. That quality is distinguished by its taste, freshness and the nutritional value of its products.


In our commitment to quality, La Granja ensures it delivers fresh products and this may only be obtained by preparing these daily. We consider it makes no sense to select the best ingredients and then not distribute the products immediately when made as the qualities are lost. When having to choose between greater quality or greater productivity, La Granja always prioritises in the interest of our consumers.


In addition to preparing the traditional products from our beginnings, a constant at La Granja has always been a concern to go beyond. From the first specialities such as the whole wheat cupcake or without added sugar, to responding to new consumer alternatives, with products containing ecological ingredients, or those with fruit and vegetables, as well as ecological, vegan and gluten-free products.


However specialised a range may be, at La Granja we do not launch products whose taste is not a delight to the palate.
Too often, product specialisation pays the price of sacrificing the fullness of good taste. La Granja never renounces our consumers’ enjoyment, and we know that preparing our products under this principle has made us equip and has opened the doors to many homes, also internationally.



Our first products, such
as cupcakes and sponge cakes, always
according to the family recipes.


Among these, there are the products
we prepare without added sugar,
with whole wheat or fibre-rich.


These are products prepared
exclusively with ingredients from
ecological agriculture, guaranteed by
the CCPAE (Catalan Council of Organic Production).


The products of this range do
not contain any ingredient of
animal origin: no milk, or eggs,
or honey, or butter…


We also have a line of
snacks that are suitable for
vegans, prepared with ecological
ingredients and without preservatives
or colouring. Very light and
crunchy, they are a delicious alternative
snack for any time, not
fried but baked, which
is a source of fibre.


In these, we only use gluten-flee
ingredients, ensuring they are not
contaminated throughout the whole
process, based on separate production
to the rest. Certified by the Coeliac
Association of Catalonia, a
member of the AOECS.


An achievement we feel very proud of is having turned La Granja into an effective instrument to implement our founding social commitment.
Awareness of wellbeing and labour integration of all the people in our environment has led La Granja to now participate in diverse social organisations, being a highly active member locally, having received much recognition due to this.


Our social responsibility begins with our products, by responding for their food safety and quality, and from these this spreads two the rest of the fields.
Among these, we emphasise the respect for the environment embodied in all our activity and strong professional and ethic commitment to our workers, collaborators and clients.


From its origins, La Granja has been especially aware and sensitive to integrating people with functional diversity.
Due to this, we collaborate with companies dedicated to help persons with disabilities or special needs.

La Granja has collaborated with Fundació L’Espiga de Vilafranca del Penedès since it was created in 1991. The object of this entity in our local environment is to promote assistance, teaching and generic and specific training, and in general, any activity that favours social inclusion of persons with disability ( La Granja regularly cooperates with Fundació Pro-Penedès that seeks social and economic promotion of the county, performing, among others, labour insertion actions with persons who have any kind of physical, mental or sensorial disability and who are at risk of social exclusion. Another of the means of collaboration by La Granja is that with the cooperative group of social entities and companies Entrem-hi, specifically in the programme Junts Trenquem el Cercle! With support by Obra Social La Caixa and managed thanks to an economic fund with contributions to a solidarity-based corporate network committed to training, it boosts performance of workplace internships and hiring of persons at risk of exclusion. La Granja is among the companies involved.
On the other hand and whenever possible, La Granja collaborates with projects and initiatives for labour insertion of people who have difficulties to enter the labour market, or at risk of social exclusion such as, for example, collaborating in programmes managed by the Regional Council of l’Alt Penedès and the town councils in the county.
A no less important collaboration by La Granja is its daily delivery of products to charitable associations in the area, such as those managed by the Food Bank or Cáritas, among others, as well as in all kinds of sporting events for charitable ends.


Over the years, La Granja has earned diverse awards, both for its entrepreneurial performance, as well as its involvement in social matters. Some of the most noteworthy recent ones are:

Award for Entrepreneurial Growth in Innovation 2018, granted during the IV Nit del Gourmet, organised by Clúster Gourmet of Catalonia.
· Corporate Special Prize 2017 awarded by Federació Empresarial del Gran Penedès.
· Award for the Best Initiative in Corporate Social Responsibility 2016 by Unió Empresarial del Penedès.
· Incorpora Prize 2015 in the medium sized company category, granted by La Caixa Social Work for labour integration of vulnerable groups.
· Good Social Responsibility Practices 2014: inclusion of La Granja among the 20 small and medium sized companies by the body that promotes SCR among Catalan companies.

At La Granja, we consider and implement a full series of changes to implement our environmental commitment in everything we are able.
Some recent examples of our maximum sustainability object are:


A feature that identifies all La Granja products is the recycled paper symbol on all our bags. The wood the cardboard is made from is sourced in forests managed to the criteria of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), that certifies these have been obtained by sustainable forestry management, not only in ecological aspects, but also in social and economic ones. Moreover, in the case of recycled cardboard, recycled paper or cardboard fibres are used as raw material.


At La Granja, we have always wanted our consumers to be able to see the product they are going to acquire in transparent bags. Fortunately, we can now make such a valuable feature of environmental respect compatible with the use of biodegradable material that no longer leaves a trace of plastic in the environment.


We have implemented an important change in improving environmental sustainability on refurbishing our facilities. The energy required to manufacture all our products is increasingly greener and cleaner thanks to solar panel installation.

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