Bizcocho yogur con chips la fageda II
Bizcocho yogur fageda chips II
Bizcocho yogur fageda chips I
Surtido yogur fageda II
Bizcocho yogur con chips la fageda II
Bizcocho yogur fageda chips II
Bizcocho yogur fageda chips I
Surtido yogur fageda II

La Fageda traditional yogurt sponge cake with chocolate chips

“The best ingredients and precise baking with tempting intense chocolate chips make this La Fageda yoghurt sponge cake very tender, soft and spongy”.

We feel proud to have turned La Granja into an effective instrument to implement the will for social commitment we began with, promoting sensitivity toward wellbeing and labour integration of all people in our area”, affirms the Assistant General Management of La Granja Foods, Sergi López Gol.

We are faced with a nearly natural alliance, as it allows us to allign many of the values that have governed our work over these 40 years: to prepare maximum quality products through a corporate structure with social purposes that allow one to provide sense to the life of people in a vulnerable situation”, added the Assistant General Manager of La Fageda, Sílvia Domènech.

  • Prepared with natural yogurt by La Fageda
  • With dark chocolate chips
  • Prepared using fresh eggs
  • Baked slowly
  • High sponginess and taste
  • Very tender texture
  • With the best ingredients and maximum quality


  • Bolsa 350g


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What makes the difference
Products of La Granja & La FagedaOther sponge cakes and fairy cakes in the market
 width=Made with La Fageda natural yogurt width=Made with lower quality dairy or substitutes
 width=Slowly baked, productivity doesn’t matter, but the result  width=Fast baking to be more productive
 width=Made with fresh egg, broken one by one width=Made with pasteurized egg
 width=Tender, fluffy and great flavor width=No fluffiness and neutra flavors

Collaboration: La Granja Foods which has been making fairy cakes and sponge cakes since 1959, prepares and markets three new products with yoghurt from La Fageda: are mini-fairy cakes, traditional sponge cake and chocolate chip sponge cake; all with natural yoghurt from La Fageda as the main ingredient.

Both brands come together in a joint project that has the purpose of consolidating its aim to prepare prepare quality fresh products, maintaining the taste, texture and nutritional value that characterises its products, providing a response to consumption needs through innovation in products, recipes and processes.


IFS and health checks: We hold the IFS 22 certificate with a High Level result, now having obtained IFS certification annually for 8 consecutive years.


What does La Granja Foods stand out in? In manufacturing our products to order or on demand and without generating stock, to serve the product as fresh as possible.

We use the best ingredients, creating alliances and loyalty with our zero-km providers, who have major quality accreditations. We prepare fresh yoghurt by La Fageda and fresh eggs, cracking these one by one to ensure a craft result.

Diversification, we reach consumers through all our lines: traditional, diet, ecological, vegan and gluten-free. And in all of them we guarantee quality, taste, texture, sponginess and pleasure.

To improve and innovate: our philosophy is to improve the recipes and to always improve the nutritional lables, improve the preparation and baking processes to innovate better products and new lines.

INGREDIENTS: WHEAT flour, brown cane sugar, sunflower seed oil, EGG chocolate chips (6%) [sugar, cocoa paste, cocoa butter, emulgent (SOY lecitin)], natural YOGHURT (5%) [pasturised cow MILK, skimmed powdered MILK, MILK proteins, LACTIC ferment], water, humectants (glycerin, sorbitol), glucose and fructose syrup, skimmed powdered MILK, WHEAT gluten, raising agents (sodium bicarbonate, disodium diphosphate), preservatives (sodium propionate, sorbic acid), acidity corrector (citric acid), emulgent (guar gum) and aromas.

May contain traces of NUTS, SESAME.

Nutritional value100 gr
Energy value1874KJ / 449 Kcal
of which saturated
26 g
3.9 g
of which sugars
46 g
27 g
Proteins6.3 g
Salt0.95 g
Frequently Asked Questions

What is La Fageda?

La Fageda is a social project that has the mission of improving living standards and promoting social integration of persons at risk of social exclusion in Garrotxa, by providing real, dignified jobs. To do so, it uses a powerful corporate structure that works to create value within the organisation and for the rest of society.

La Fageda offers 11 types of social and care activities for people classified in three areas: the labour area, that includes entrepreneural aactivities and labour insertion services; the occupational area, that offers therapy services, training and leisure for social integration; and the housing area, that allows dignified housing to be provided with adequate attention for each person.

La Granja Foods and Social Responsibility

Since its origins, La Granja has been especially aware and sensitive to the integration of people with functional diversity.

That is why we collaborate with organizations dedicated to helping people with disabilities or special needs.

La Granja collaborates with Fundació L’Espiga de Vilafranca del Penedès, since its creation in 1991. The purpose of this local entity is to promote assistance, education and generic and specific training, and, in general, any activity that favors the social inclusion of people with disabilities. ( La Granja regularly cooperates with Fundació Pro-Penedès, which seeks the social and economic promotion of the region by carrying out, among others, job placement activities with people with any type of physical, mental or sensory impairment and at risk of social exclusion. Another of La Granja’s collaboration channels is with the cooperative group of entities and social enterprises Entrem-hi, specifically in the program Junts Trenquem el Cercle! With the support of Obra Social La Caixa and managed thanks to an economic fund with contributions from a network of supportive companies committed to training, it promotes work experience and the hiring of people at risk of exclusion. Among the companies involved is La Granja.

What is the IFS FOOD certification?

At La Granja Foods, we have the IFS 2023 certificate with a High Level result, and we have now obtained the IFS certification annually for 9 years.

IFS Food is a food safety standard recognised by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) to audit companies which manufacture food. Also companies that handle and package bulk food products, concentrating on food quality and safety of the products processed.

section susteinability
100% recyclable packaging
Following the philosophy of sustainability that characterizes our brand. All our packaging is 100% recyclable.
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Solar panels
At La Granja Foods more than 40% of the electrical energy comes from solar energy, thanks to the installation of 249 400WP modules, where the total power that can be obtained is 99.6 KWP.
Social collaboration
La Granja collaborates with the L'Espiga foundation for the care of people with disabilities.
fundació espiga