Honey with walnuts


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Honey with walnuts

Honey with walnuts
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Honey with walnuts

We present the incredible combination of Honey with Walnuts from Alemany 1879.

Walnuts are a dry fruit rich in fatty acids and calcium that is recommended to be consumed daily. Honey enhances their satiating and recuperating effect.

This product is the dessert of always! Perfect to combine with cheeses and dairy desserts.

Gluten free product and suitable for celiacs.


Honey: Catalonia, Aragón and Valencia with Walnuts: Catalonia




Floral, intense and persistent with nutty characteristics.


Soft and characteristic sweetness of walnuts.

  • Walnuts from the region
  • Homegrown honey
  • Rich in calcium and fatty acids
  • Mediterranean ingredients
  • Gluten and lactose free


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What makes the difference
Our origin lies in the most home-made and familiar production, which has undoubtedly marked us since then by maintaining a strong personal commitment to giving the best to all those who choose us.

Honey with Walnuts 

Honey with walnuts is made in the locality of Os, Balaguer (Lleida). Under the sight of the Montsec and its exceptional sky, Torrons and Mel Alemany have built a universe of sweetness. For five generations now, the Alemany family have been producing small-scale torpor and selecting honeys from the best beekeepers.

The story of Torrons and Alemany Mel begins in the late 19th century, when Mrs. Mundeta made a candy with the honey and nuts of the area. Since Montsec is a rough and difficult land for cultivation, this activity was a good alternative.

The differential trait of the Alemany tortern is due to a 19th-century recipe that gives the pasta a characteristic white. Slow cooking, local dry fruit and highly selected Roma honey are part of a secret that gives a particular flavor to the torpor.

Alemany specializes in monofloral honeys collected from beekeepers throughout the country. The innovation of Alemany is provided by the concept of value-added honey, in its gourmet honey line.

The Alemany toron and honey have been recognized with the Great Taste Awards on several occasions, an award considered the an the Oscar of the Gourmet food.

Honey with walnuts
100% recyclable packaging
Following the philosophy of sustainability that characterizes our brand. All our packaging is 100% recyclable.
Solar panels
At La Granja Foods more than 40% of the electrical energy comes from solar energy, thanks to the installation of 249 400WP modules, where the total power that can be obtained is 99.6 KWP.
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