Bio_Vegan Snacks – Palitos de Pan con Pipas
Palitos pipa
Palitos pipas (3)
Paitos pipas
Palitos pipas (2)
Bio_Vegan Snacks – Palitos de Pan con Pipas
Palitos pipa
Palitos pipas (3)
Paitos pipas
Palitos pipas (2)

Organic Breadsticks with olive oil and sunflower seeds

Introducing our Organic and vegan Breadsticks with olive oil and sunflower seeds, a perfect combination of balanced flavors that will transport you to a unique experience. These breadsticks have been made with a deep commitment to sustainability and quality, using organic, plant-based ingredients to bring you an exceptionally delicious and environmentally friendly product.


Our vegan sticks are not fried, nor do they contain preservatives or colorants. They are a source of fiber, light and crunchy. Made only with ingredients from organic farming.

  • Source of fiber
  • Elaborated with organic extra virgin olive oil
  • Completely natural and handmade
  • Palm oil free
  • No ingredients of animal origin
Tree nuts


  • Bolsa 150g


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What makes the difference
VEGAN products from La Granja FoodsOther VEGAN products on the market
We use high quality and organic ingredients.May contain non organic ingredients and unwanted additives.
High fiber contentLow-fiber flour products
Deliciously balancedMay have a flat or artificial flavor, and inconsistent texture
We offer a wide variety of flavors.The variety of flavors may be limited.
Without palm oilWith palm oil
Baked slowly, productivity is not important, but the resultFast baking for higher productivity


What makes La Granja Foods stand out?

We stand out in manufacturing our products on demand and without generating stock, to serve the product as fresh as possible.

We use the best ingredients, creating alliances and loyalty with our km0 suppliers, who have great quality accreditations. We use fresh yogurt and fresh eggs, breaking them one by one to ensure a completely artisan result.

Diversification, we reach consumers through all lines: traditional, dietetic, organic, vegan and gluten-free, and in all of them we guarantee quality, flavor, texture, fluffiness and pleasure.

We stand out in the improvement and innovation: our philosophy is to improve recipes and always improve nutritional values, improve the processes of elaboration and baking to innovate better products and new lines.

We also have the IFS 23 certificate with a High Level result, as we have obtained the certificate annually for 9 consecutive years.

INGREDIENTS: WHEAT flour*, water, sunflower seeds* (26%), high oleic sunflower oil*, extra virgin olive oil* (3%), yeast* and sea salt. *From organic farming.

May contain traces of EGG, MILK, TREE NUTS, SESAME, MUSTARD and SOY.

The products of the vegan line, although they do not contain ingredients of animal origin, may contain traces of milk and egg as they are made in the conventional bakery.

Nutritional value100 gr
Energy value1854 kJ/ 441 kcal
of which saturated
14 g
1,3 g
of which sugars
65 g
1,0 g
Dietary fiber3,8 g
Proteins12 g
Salt1,6 g


Frequently Asked Questions

La Granja Foods and Social Responsibility

Since its origins, La Granja has been especially aware and sensitive to the integration of people with functional diversity.

That is why we collaborate with organizations dedicated to helping people with disabilities or special needs.

La Granja collaborates with Fundació L’Espiga de Vilafranca del Penedès, since its creation in 1991. The purpose of this local entity is to promote assistance, education and generic and specific training, and, in general, any activity that favors the social inclusion of people with disabilities. ( La Granja regularly cooperates with Fundació Pro-Penedès, which seeks the social and economic promotion of the region by carrying out, among others, job placement activities with people with any type of physical, mental or sensory impairment and at risk of social exclusion. Another of La Granja’s collaboration channels is with the cooperative group of entities and social enterprises Entrem-hi, specifically in the program Junts Trenquem el Cercle! With the support of Obra Social La Caixa and managed thanks to an economic fund with contributions from a network of supportive companies committed to training, it promotes work experience and the hiring of people at risk of exclusion. Among the companies involved is La Granja.


What is the IFS FOOD certification?

At La Granja Foods, we have the IFS 2023 certificate with a High Level result, and we have now obtained the IFS certification annually for 9 years.

IFS Food is a food safety standard recognised by the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) to audit companies which manufacture food. Also companies that handle and package bulk food products, concentrating on food quality and safety of the products processed.

What does bio, organic or eco mean?

Ecological or organic certification is the process by which producers of food, inputs, and processed or transformed products, obtain the qualification of ecological (or bio in the English-speaking world).

The requirements vary from country to country and usually cover a set of production standards for cultivation, storage, processing, packaging and distribution.

The essential requirements are:

Not to have been treated with any type of pesticides and synthetic chemicals, such as fertilizers, antibiotics or additives.

Cultivated in a way that respects natural life cycles at all times. Grown in soils where no chemicals have been used for three or more years.

Not transgenic, i.e. genetically modified.

Undergo periodic inspections and keep a documentary control of the production process and sales of the product.

What means that a product is vegan?

Vegan foods are any food that does not contain any food of animal origin, such as eggs, honey, milk, yogurt, in general any non-vegetable element.

section susteinability
100% recyclable packaging
Following the philosophy of sustainability that characterizes our brand. All our packaging is 100% recyclable.
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Solar panels
At La Granja Foods more than 40% of the electrical energy comes from solar energy, thanks to the installation of 249 400WP modules, where the total power that can be obtained is 99.6 KWP.
Social collaboration
La Granja collaborates with the L'Espiga foundation for the care of people with disabilities.
fundació espiga