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Organic apple vinegar with lavender honey

We present you the Organic apple vinegar with lavender honey from the house Alemany 1879.
The Organic apple vinegar from Alemany 1879 is obtained from the juice of apples from Plana de Lleida and it is combined with lavander honey from organic farming. 
It contains the mother of vinegar as it is not filtered or pasteurized. No sulphites. In this exceptional vinegar, its soft and silky acidity stands out.
It is a cooperative project of three Lleida family companies: BADIA VINAGRE, CAL VALLS I ALEMANY 1979.  Gluten-free product suitable for celiacs..
  • Apples from La Plana de Lleida
  • Organic lavander cultivation
  • Not filtered or pasteurized
  • No Sulphites
  • Gluten and Lactose free


  • 250 ml.


How to use Organic Apple Vinegar with Lavender Honey 

– Excellent for making pickles and other preparations that require acidity and, in this case, to add sweet touches with wild details.

– Dare to make sushi and give it a different and closer touch.

– Just add a dash to the strawberries to elevate them to gourmet category.

– Marinate a good mackerel for a few hours with vinegar and fresh herbs and accompany it with homemade pickles and tomato bread.

– Try giving a fruity touch to game meats and the mythical baked apples by sprinkling vinegar on parts of the cooking process.

– Give your carpaccio a twist and combine it with this vinegar and toasted sesame.

– Make a delicious fruity and homemade mayonnaise in a moment and super different.

– Make a good tuna with a fun marinade. Add citrus details that look great, for example lemon and orange zest or a few drops of their juices.

– Now make your gazpachos and salmorejos much more refreshing with this vinegar and adding delicious seasonal fruit.


Alemany 1979

Mel Alemany 1979 is the most awarded company in Spain in the Great Taste, an award considered the Oscar of the delicatessen food world.

In the town of Os , Balaguer (La Noguera), under the gaze of the Montsec and its exceptional sky, Torrons i Mel Alemany has built a universe of sweets. For five generations, the Alemany family has been making handmade nougat and selecting honey from the best beekeepers, one of their slogans is “Honey from the best flowers, honey from the best beekeepers”.

The history of Torrons i Mel Alemany begins at the end of the 19th century, when Mrs. Mundeta made a candy with the honey and dried fruits of the area. Given that the Montsec is a rough and difficult terrain for cultivation, this activity was a good alternative.


INGREDIENTS ORGANIC VINEGAR: Apple vinegar and organic lavender honey.

Nutritional value100 gr
Energy value333 KJ / 78 Kcal
of which saturated
0 g
0 g
of which sugars
19,4 g
19,4 g
Proteins0,1 g
Salt0,0 g
section susteinability
100% recyclable packaging
Following the philosophy of sustainability that characterizes our brand. All our packaging is 100% recyclable.
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